Capital Connect

by J.P. Morgan

Venture capital is getting more and more competitive, and sourcing the best deals takes a really long time, especially if you’re looking for unconventional or outlier companies. Capital Connect provides a direct connection. The brand identity shows a holistic view of the platform, utilizing a circular motif to create a simple, iconic representation of connection. The product is built to expand, showing the full range, diversity and possibility of connection that Capital Connect will represent.

WeChat Pay Institute

by Tencent

Cooperated with Tencent, we offered them a high qualified visual system for their upcoming product - Tencent Wechat Pay Institute. Attracting people from a variety of industries, here we provide them with new opportunities, collaborations, and future insights.

Upped Events

To support event owners with an affordable, time-saving, all-in-one event experience platform that ensures continual event growth and success, Upped Events provide a vision to unleash the power of data-driven experience management on the event industry, using never-before-seen tools that autonomously boost profit and safety. We optimized the user flow and experience from visual identity system to the user interface. Using straight-forward and simple icons, Upped Events is ready to get more event perfectly done. 

The Veil

by Dissrup

Dissrup is an ever-expanding collective of artists and designers creating and innovating at the frontier of the new world of digital and phygital design. They host a curated, artist-centric NFT marketplace, and collaborate with industry-leading artists to create collections of collectibles that consumers can own and use in the metaverse.


Under the pandemic, we’ve found our inner needs about the connection with others and especially the natural environments. However, the balance between the privacy and outdoor joy usually brings problems to people. How can we enjoy the public sphere while keeping privacy and doing relaxing activities? Starting from this question which I got based on the result in my previous user research, I designed the product and visual identity. I hope from this design, we can get some insights.

Talking Cell

Communications between depressed people and others are always difficult. To create a better environment for the depressed people, Talking Cell is a platform for them to build special connections within the network. And it is also for parents and doctors to monitor their health situations.


A newly born aroma brand founded in China, leading a lifestyle with rational art, architectural aesthetics and philosophical thinking. The brand's founder sees more creative possibilities in aromatherapy products. The experience it brings to consumers in the sense of vision, touch and smell can trigger inspiration and bring spiritual pleasure.

Double Down

Double Down is a world for web3’s most enduring brands. It is designed for builders with a vision for a distributed future. It’s about the technology vs. dopamine vs. utility. And we are making web3 a reality for the masses. Double Down is the ONLY consumer investor backing web3 businesses that will push culture forward.


FlowFi goes beyond bookkeeping to unlock financial insights and actionable data-driven strategies to accelerate growth. We build them a foundational, flexible and future-facing system based on those principles.